In the post The Dangerous Culture Of Self-Advancement there was a quote,. “The more time we spend focused on ourselves, the less time we have to care about others.”

Why do we spend so much time focused on ourselves?

We may be working to achieving our goals, taking care of our business, or just accommodating our needs. So overall, we’re busy. Yet, what else makes us busy?

Think about the amount of time you spend on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, playing games on your devices, making sure all of your e-mails are answered and watching your favorite shows. Granted, sometimes we want to just zone out after a busy day and yes, the emails do have to be answered.

Yet ask yourself, how much time a day all together would you save if you didn’t spend time on any of those things? Two hours? Five hours? Maybe eight hours? Now, if you had an additional five hours added to your day, would you feel as busy? We make ourselves busy with unnecessary things that are mostly avoidable and then wonder why are we so busy.

The real question

Do we think how much of ourselves do we sacrifice to those things? Better question, how much time, that we could spend with our friends, significant other, or kids, do we devote to technology?