Our Identity Online

It’s crazy, it’s abnormal, it’s kind of scary, but yet so common and welcomed. Most of us today exist online. We have crafted this virtual identity that defines us. A page, a profile, a link to who we are that others can look at and understand what we do, what we like, what we watch, what we think, and how we live. It’s kind of cool, I’ll admit, but it disturbing how far this got.

Yes it is very convenient because we have more ways to express ourselves. So in some cases it does promote creativity and innovation.

However do do you think it has gone too far?  Just think about what’s happening…our Facebook profiles, Instagram pages, Youtube channels, Snapchat, blogs, personal websites are all becoming actual tangible parts of us, it’s who we are. Yes, it’s great to use it for the purposes of having others quickly learn a lot about you, especially when it comes to business and professional means. Yet many interact with others much more online than in real life so in a  way, they no longer exist in real life, instead…they exist online. What do you think about that?

Why is that bad?

Well the most obvious reason is that we start living our real lives for the sake of our online lives. People paradoxically do things for the sake of taking a picture or a video of it and not for the sake of actually doing it and enjoying it. “As long as my snaps are lit, who cares if I actually had fun.” Is a phrase i heard recently from a girl who was about 20 years old.

How many times have you seen those fabulously awesome Facebook profiles that just shine and blossom with success and happiness, but in real life the person would be depressed, empty, and unfulfilled who takes pictures in other peoples cars and  hashtags them #newtoy? Those people live for the sake of their online identity. They forget that they wake up and go to sleep in this world and not online. So are they even living? Or just existing?

Everything has to be a photo or video recording of what you’re doing instead of really being present in the moment enjoying the time with the people you’re with and places you’re at. Think about this, no matter how amazing a picture may look, it will never recreate what you saw with your own eyes. So why not just enjoy what you see? Is it more important to record the concert you’re at, to upload it, rather than let yourself fully dissolve in the music?

Yes memories are important, but where do we find the balance? How many food pictures do we need?

Worry about who you are in real life, not online

Some people give so much attention to who they are online that they stop noticing who they are in real life. They lose themselves.  Who are you to the person you just met, who are you to your friends, to your parents to those who care about you? Not to the rest of the world who will only see you as an image on their screens along with the other 3 trillion people.

My friends, let’s stay true to ourselves.