What is happening right now is extraordinary.

The world is changing. It is dividing the entire population into two groups. One group will rise and another one may fall. Who are those people who will rise and prosper after the Coronavirus? Those who are vibrating on the higher frequencies.

What does that mean?

People of higher energy are the ones who will take position of leadership and innovation in the new world. Who are those people right now? They are easily identifiable, you may be one of them, but for sure you know those who are not. People of higher vibrations have a slogan, “If you have faith, you have no fear.”

Coronavirus started out as a physical pandemic, but rapidly grew into a psychological one. Yes there were deaths, but beyond that, what is the psychological effect of the COVID-19?

It is making people fearful. In fear they are easily controlled. Moreover, when one fears, their body goes into distress, the heart rate becomes incoherent, the blood flow slows down, vibrations lower, DNA contracts and their immune systems begins to suffer.[1] So they become more susceptible  to any virus or infection, not just corona.

You can believe whatever you want, but numbers don’t lie. Statistically, ever since the idea of COVID-19 pandemic began to spread more people around the world began to get sick from other diseases and sicknesses.

Avoiding fear and other negative emotions during any epidemic or pandemic is not going to make you immune to it, of course. It will help, but we still have to take all reasonable measures to protect ourselves and others, just like with any infectious illnesses.

How to vibrate on the higher frequencies?

To vibrate on the higher frequencies there is one thing we have to do and one thing we must avoid:

We must experience emotions that give us energy:





Happy to be alive






Feeling Amazing


Excited about life




We must avoid emotions that drain our energy:


















The reality you live in is based on your perception.

Your perception is a set of beliefs. Beliefs are made out of assumptions that may be true or false. Unless something can be independently verified, it is an assumption and not a fact and If it is an assumption it may be false. If your assumptions are false, then the reality you live may also be false. The truth is that we will never really know what is true, especially right now.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter. What matter is if the reality you live is working for you. If your reality is making you upset and experience negative emotions that drain your energy, YOUR REALITY IS NOT WORKING!

So if you don’t know what is true or false, then why not just live the reality in which YOU, not the virus, not the government, not the media, but YOU control your peace and happiness?

This crisis is a turning point of the century because it shows who are the people that can be weakened by a globalized panic and mass fear and who are those that can withstand it. I personally have faith that everything will be okay and that this whole thing is an obstacle. Meanwhile every obstacle can either be your downfall or your opportunity. That part is up to you to decide.

When all falls, the Human Social Movement will rise.

Just food for thought…

Approximate number of deaths in United States in the last year from:

Cancer – 606,880[2]

Pneumonia – 50,000[3]

Influenza – 38,000[4]

Hepatitis C – 22,000[5]

AIDS – 13,000[6]

Tuberculosis – 515[7]

Number of deaths from COVID-19 in United States– 10,365[8]


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