What is success?

Success is a feeling. Success is also your ability to increase your mental efficiency to obtain things you need in life. Notice, things you need, not want. How fast can you get to where you need to be? That’s why mental efficiency matters.

Why do we strive to be successful?

Maybe to look successful for others or to feel successful? Perhaps to feel security, security of knowing that your life is on the right track, that you have resources or that you have options in life. Yet, why do we want the feeling of security, why do we want the resources and the options? I believe it is to feel fulfilled! This is why we work hard, get educated, try to achieve our goals and push ourselves to do better. All our lives we fight for that feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction, it is our goal. So really, we strive to be successful to feel fulfilled.

Where do we find success?

People forget one thing, if you are wealthy and healthy, but have lots of troubles with others or yourself, you are not very successful. Although you may look successful. Success is a feeling. We do not have to look successful to be successful.  You certainly will not find success in material things, you don’t need them, you want them. Acquisition of material things provides only temporary satisfaction, not fulfillment. 

True success lies within you. It is directly linked to your happiness. Prosperous life, an efficient mind, the right work, an all-rounded, all-accomplishing wisdom are all places where you can find success. Don’t rely on external factors to make you successful, look within yourself. Find your tom-href-links” href=”https://hsmovement.com/purpose/”>purpose and work towards it. Watch it take a tangible form and start to function, You will feel successful.  Ask yourself what will make me fulfilled? Self-realization? Raising your children to change history? Changing lives for the better of those in need? Maybe improving your community socially? Remember, achieving true fulfillment is the highest level of success you can have.