It’s Time to LIVE

Do you think about the amount of time we waste? The time we spend scrolling through intriguing Facebook feed, playing never-ending Candy Crush, or cleverly composing our brilliant hash tags for Instagram that don’t get us more followers. How many hours? How many weeks? How many years do we waste? All that time that we could have spent enjoying life.

Living in the moment, being aware, being present. It feels so natural, yet many of us avoid that feeling by caging ourselves in the narrow parameters of our new, shiny retina screens.

The harsh reality

We forget to live. We forget to enjoy moments. We forget to enjoy life. As a lawyer and a life coach for lawyers, I saw many of us experience this problem because we have to constantly check e-mails, calendar and notifications. As a result having a phone in our hands becomes a habit that we simply can’t get rid of even when we leave the office.

Do you know one of the ways that people in 1990 were different from us? Whenever they saw something beautiful, most of the time, they looked at it, they absorbed it, they enjoyed it, they didn’t just take a picture of it.

It’s a phenomenon how we snap memories to save them to look at later, but often we forget to enjoy the things we take pictures of! Today’s average person will die with 15,000,000,000 pictures and only 15 moments that they truly took in that they will remember. 

Feel, smell, hear, taste, see and take in the everyday life! Take pictures later.

Challenge of the day:

Try one thing today.  Catch yourself being aware of what is around you. Many of us, will be surprised at how rarely we pay attention to the present moment.