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How much we spend to how happy we feel ratio

Sell everything you got and move into a tent somewhere on the government land. That would definitely do the job of freeing yourself from the material, but then you may be miserable. What this blog entry is about is how to find happiness without spending an unnecessary amount of money. The “unnecessary amount of money” of course varies depending on every person’s capital. To someone $300 is too much for a new sofa, while to another $3 million is not enough for a new yacht. There is however a way to determine this.

It is about the ratio of the amount of money spent and the amount of happiness received. How can you spend the least amount of money and feel the most happy? Not simple immediate gratification, but longer lasting happiness.

Deeper look

In the process of assessing this, one will usually realize that a lot of things that people have, don’t really make them happy for one reason.  The happiness that derives from acquisition of material things fades away fairly quick. You will never feel as excited about your new car a month after you got it as much as you were on the day you bought it.

I’m not saying there is something wrong with buying one of Richard Mille cool looking watches if you have the money, sure. As long as you don’t rely on that to make you happy. Excited, yes, but happy, that has to come from within.