Meaningful Spending

There is another huge part to money and happiness topic. There is a difference between spending $1 million on a new car and spending the same amount on building a school in Haiti and seeing 80 children going to school at the age of 12 for the first time. Seeing their enthusiasm, seeing their smiles and seeing that you just gave them something that doesn’t have a price tag – hope.

Be prepared that not everyone will appreciate it to the same extent, but that’s okay. We have to remember, there is a difference between people admiring us for doing something great and people admiring us for being wealthy. There is a difference between being known for what we did and being known for what we had. Once you’re gone no one is going to remember what a great car you drove, people will remember you for being a good father, husband or friend. People will remember you for the impact you made in their life.

Is There A Limit?

There is a fine line. If you helping others creates a burden on you that will be difficult to recover from, then you did too much. For example, if you give all of your money away to a charity, become homeless then you are probably not going to be happy. Unless you find great joy in living in the wilderness.


The bottom line, to be free we can’t be attached to the material, because to be free, is to be in control of your happiness. However you will never be in control of it if you let the material world dictate your happiness.

A person was never born to consume. A person was born to do and inspire.