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Have love in your heart

Love is the biggest gift of life. It is your freedom from hatred that burdens you.

The only way we can bring love into our heart is if we cast all judgement about everything and everyone.We must see oneness in everything and everyone. In Shante Ishata “The single eye of the heart” talks about singularity. It is the language that is beyond the judgment and beyond the ego. It does not see dark or light, good or bad, male or female, it sees oneness.

No judgment and no prejudice. If we see the world in oneness and not duality we can love and unite with everyone and everything, Duality is what leads to separation, we must become one with all.

The best thing you can do for yourself is love everyone.  An empty heart or a heart filled with hatred is destructive to you as a person. The more you love the more love you receive.

Love is selflessness that is why it takes you beyond your ego. Learn to feel compassion for strangers, they are trying to figure out life just like you. Love your friends for the things they do for you, despite all the things they might not have done. Love your relatives for being there for you, despite the times they might not have been. Yet most of all, know that people love YOU. 

If you have love in your heart, you want to love. You want to inspire and motivate, share what you have, share that amazing feeling. Only with love in your heart you truly feel life.

When you will be at your death bed, money, cars, status, none of that will matter. When you die you will leave all of that behind.  The only thing that will matter is the love that you gave and received,  that’s the only thing that you will be able to take with you and the only thing that you will be able to leave in the hearts of those you loved.