Most likely you are doing great, but can you be doing better? It has never been easier to find a life coach in Los Angeles that can intuitively and constructively help you achieve your goals faster than ever before. Through core life mentoring skills, Dan dedicates himself to helping you gain clarity, motivation and break through limitations. Dan also does online life coaching for those who are not in Southern California.


Dan Ginzburg
Lawyer, Mentor, Author, Speaker

5 Star Mentor


Gene – Relentlessly positive person. Dans program helped me prioritize my life and set goals in an achievable manner

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Career Consulting for Lawyers

Helping you gain clarity in your career, improve work-life balance, increase profitability and decrease stress by developing systems to prioritize and organize your workflow, that will move you forward.

Personal Growth

Where you are now? And where do you want to go? I'll show you what you need to get there faster than you thought possible. Simultaneity, I'll help you eliminate that what slows down your growth the most.

Spiritual Growth

Covers mindfulness, conscious leadership and practical techniques to reduce stress and overwhelm. Helping you remain calm and centered under pressure and become more aware of what could be impeding your progress.

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Dan Ginzburg


“Wellness in life is wellness at work, and Dan gets this is better than anyone I’ve met.
Dan guided me through a stagnant job/career and back on a path that feels right in every way. I’ve started my own business found ways to feel happier with myself and even found the love of my life. Dan’s training got me to think the right way and everything else followed.”


“Very diligent. I would recommend Dan to anyone trying to improve their organization, efficiency and profitability. Dan helped me build awesome habits and stay focused on my goals. Very results oriented coach.”


“In life, there are some people whose presence can have a big impact on how you see the world and what you see in yourself. Dan was one of those people and his influence helped me make positive changes in my life. With his help, I was able to overcome obstacles, set goals for myself and adapt to new challenges. Thank you Dan for everything. A truly genuine person, an awesome life coach and a friend.”

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Career Consulting for LawyersPersonal GrowthSpiritual Growth