My Mission

I believe in lawyers being rich and happy.

What do I do? 

I help lawyers become more profitable by helping them be less stressed, more organized, productive, and more aggressive.

How do I do it

  • I accomplish this by developing systems that prioritize and organize lawyers’ workflow, and help lawyers stay focused on them.
  • We meet twice a week for an hour or once a week for two hours depending on your schedule. The meetings are in person and/or over the phone.
  • The breakdown of the five areas of focus:

Increasing profitability

                       Increase in revenue is accomplished with a cleverly designed combination of systems that influence a case at every stage. After the implementation of these systems into the firm’s workflow the staff is given all the tools necessary to stay focused on these systems. That requires increased organization and reduced stress.

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Reducing stress

                         Lawyers’ most common struggle. Although for many lawyers this problem is solved by increasing organization in their daily, weekly and monthly tasks, along with improving the transparency of important dates in every case, we will still perform an in-depth evaluation to pin point what is causing you the most stress and why. After, we will develop a custom action plan to effectively address those triggers.

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                         More organization will always result into less stress and more clarity. It will also result into less time wasted on locating needed information and mitigating unforeseeable situations that require immediate attention. All of this will allow the lawyer and the staff to focus more on the systems designed to increase revenue.

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                        What makes the legal profession difficult and certainly not for  everyone? The highly demanding multi-tasking. This takes a big hit on concentration and the ability to do deep work. Therefore increased productivity lies in constructively eliminating distractions and facilitating special time during the week to focus on the most important tasks.

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Aggressiveness as a lawyer

                       Aggressive attorneys are the one that are always on top things. They are never late on due dates and promptly follow up with opposing counsel. They never let anything slip by and are aware of when everything  was filed, received and answered. This is accomplished through deconstructing case initiation, pre-litigation and litigation processes and creating a system for what has to be done and when.

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Pricing ranges between $3,000 and $12,000 depending on the results of the in-depth evaluation done after the initial questionnaire below is submitted.

Do you want to take the first step toward increasing your profits? Complete this 8-question evaluation and receive my personalized feedback specifically for you, to help you start tackling that what is slowing down your financial growth.

Very diligent. I would recommend Dan to anyone trying to improve their organization, efficiency and profitability. Dan helped me build awesome habits and stay focused on my goals. Very results oriented coach.

Karo Karapetyan, Your Content Goes Here

I’m an attorney and Dan helped so much with feeling relaxed and just more happy in my everyday life apart from work. However, I was surprised how much of a difference that made in my law practice. He’s very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend him to all my lawyer friends. Very helpful!

Yan Gold, Your Content Goes Here