What is Emotional Intelligence? It is our ability to anticipate and respond to people’s behavior. How well do you understand why people do or say certain things? How well do you understand other people’s emotions?  Can you tell when someone is interested in you? Can you tell what would upset someone? Notice that all of those things have nothing to do with how smart you are in term of your IQ, but rather your intuition, feelings and charisma. It is the other kind of intelligence.
Daniel Goleman, in article about EQ on Utne.com writes, “An analysis of the personality traits that accompany high IQ in men who also lack these emotional competencies portrays, well, the stereotypical nerd: critical and condescending, inhibited and uncomfortable with sensuality, emotionally bland. By contrast, men with the traits that mark emotional intelligence are poised and outgoing, committed to people and causes, sympathetic and caring, with a rich but appropriate emotional life—they’re comfortable with themselves, others, and the social universe they live in.”
People with high emotional intelligence make better husbands, friends, employees, bosses and CEOs. They are the type of people that are desired to be around. On the other hand those with low EQ are usually akward and their personal lives are often a disaster.
How do we develop EQ? Socialize. Get into relationships. The more social interaction you have the more you learn how people act, why they do or say certain things and how to react to their behavior. However most of all, listen. Pay attention to what the other person is saying, even if it is a casual conversation. Also, look at how they react to what YOU say. Do they become interested or removed, excited or bored? Anyone can increase their EQ becuase it’s learnable skill and YOU CAN DO IT.
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