I’ve been having a lot of questions lately. Do we starve the soul if we feed the body? That is, if we constantly satisfy our body with delicious food, stimulating coffee, and whatever feels good physically, do we shift the attention away from our soul? Can we do both? Do we shift our focus away from our soul to our body every time we do things for the body and does that starve our soul?

There is so much power in focus and so of we focus on things that feed our soul does our desire to do more of those things get bigger because we feel how good it is to give to the soul expansion? What are some things we can do to do that aside from mediation and being aware?

How come when you wake up early, take cold showers, run, workout and do other things that may not feel as pleasant in the process, make you feel more in touch with your soul? Do we feed the soul when we starve our body? Or do we HEAL the soul by strengthening our power of will? Because the power of will is the divinity within us. And so exercising it we develop the divinity within, it gets bigger, stronger and so we feel it more. So then does this mean when we submit to bodily pleasures, we weaken our power of will? For someone to force themselves to take a cold shower, wake up early to workout in extreme conditions would be very easy to eliminate an unhealthy habit.