Prior to becoming a lawyer, Dan has been doing general life coaching since 2015. However he began working on his book, The Other Side – Becoming Limitless Through Spirit, Mind, Body Mastery, far before then. The book became a #1 International Best Seller and Dan used the material from it to speak at several law firms, events, schools and Universities about mindfulness and conscious leadership.

In 2015, simultaneously to becoming a life coach Dan also became a founder of Human Social Movement which is a platform for likeminded spiritual individuals to share their knowledge with others open to spirituality. With Human Social Movement Dan holds monthly group meditations in Los Angeles.

More recently, Dan Ginzburg became a consultant for attorneys and specializes in scaling attorneys’ law practices and their lives. Dan helps lawyers become more profitable, less stressed, more organized, productive and motivated. As a lawyer, Dan understands the struggles that other attorneys experience first-hand. This is why he dedicated himself to giving lawyers the tools to not only increase their profits, but also their happiness.

During the 2020 Pandemic, Dan’s life took a sudden, unexpected turn that even he could not believe. During mass shutdowns, people losing not only work, but also hope, Dan knew he had to create something that would pull people out of the distressed state of mind. With this, Double Reality Gallery in Los Angeles was born. What Dan didn’t know is that by accident, he created the World’s first Virtual / Augmented Reality gallery. The gallery not only offered an incomparably unique visual experience, but incorporated spiritual messages and key lessons from this book into each and every tour.