The man behind this all. An author of the book The Other Side – An Ultimate Guide to Mind, Body, and Spirit Mastery in a Busy World, a speaker, a life mentor and the founder of Human Social Movement. Dan has dedicated his whole life to making a positive impact on people.

As a Magnetism Law Specialist, Dan helps today’s entrepreneurs and professionals use mindfulness to align themselves with their goals and help them maximize their effectiveness. Dan teaches how to use focus to attract the desired results faster than ever before.

Dan’s current mission is to bring spirituality into workplaces. He wants to help entrepreneurs and professionals find balance in life, easily manage stress and other negative emotions, as well as increase their productivity, efficiency and PROFITS. Dan also speaks at schools and universities because he believes that understanding the value of becoming the best that you can be early on can multiply one’s all-around success later in life.

Dan also believes that meditation, mindfulness and a strong power of will are among some of the most important things to always improve in one’s life. However Dan’s bigger goal is to live by what he teaches and that is to be a well-rounded person himself. He strives not only to be the messenger, but to be THE message.