Dan Ginzburg is a life coach who specializes in coaching lawyers.  Dan helps lawyers become more profitable by helping them be less stressed, more organized, productive and aggressive. As a lawyer, Dan understands the struggles that other attorneys experience first hand. This is why he dedicated himself to giving lawyers the tools to not only be rich, but also happy.

Before becoming a lawyer, Dan has been doing general life coaching since 2015. He wrote a book the The Other Side – An Ultimate Guide to Mind, Body, and Spirit Mastery in a Busy World. Dan is also a speaker and has spoke in several law firms, events, schools and Universities about mindfulness and conscious leadership. As a founder of Human Social Movement, he stresses the importance of living for a cause than is greater than yourself.

Dan’s recognizes that practicing law can be very stressful and overwhelming, He himself struggled to find balance between work and personal life just because of how demanding being a lawyer can be. This is why right now he is actively working on developing a program that all new attorneys can take to help them develop healthy habits early on. Not falling is easier than spending years getting up.

Dan also believes that meditation, mindfulness and a strong power of will are among some of the most important things to always improve in one’s life. However Dan’s bigger goal is to live by what he teaches and that is to be a well-rounded person himself. He strives not only to be the messenger, but to be THE message.