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Helping you gain clarity in your career, improve work-life balance, increase profitability and decrease stress by developing systems to prioritize and organize your workflow that will move you forward. Dan provides individual consulting as well as group workshops.


Dan Ginzburg
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Manny – “Dan has been instrumental in increasing my law firm’s efficiency while simultaneously lowering my level of stress”.

Work-Life Balance

When we give too much of ourselves to the job other areas of our life such as exercise, mental health, family, or social life will inevitably suffer. As a result, they give their law practice a more stressed out version of themselves, which leads to decreased effectiveness, frustrated supporting staff and mismanaged client relationships. I believe that lawyers can be successful while being happy in life and at work. This requires increased organization and effective time management skills.
 Better health
 Increased profits
 Improved client relationships
 More effective case management
 Enhanced self-management
And much more

Financial Growth

What systems do you have in place to prevent this from happening? How efficient are they? We install systems that expedite a case at every stage. After the implementation of these systems into the firm’s workflow the staff is given all the tools necessary to stay  focused on these systems. 


    • Increased profits 
    • Faster turnaround time 
    • More accurate case evaluations 
    • Positioning cases toward negotiations faster 
    • Improved organization 

And much more.

Reducing Stress

Constantly putting out fires, spending nights at the office and coming home drained is not what being a lawyer is about no matter at what stage of your career you are. We will perform an in-depth evaluation to pinpoint what is causing you the most stress and why. After, we will develop a custom action plan to effectively address and eventually reduce those triggers. The most powerful tool that has been proven to work for my clients is organization. Organization in everything: cases, clients, priorities, physical space, delegating work, emails, calendaring, and your daily, weekly, monthly tasks. I will help you build healthy habits and stick with them. 


    • Clarity 
    • Decreased stress 
    • Increased profits 
    • Mindfulness 
    • Increased productivity 

                   And much more 


What makes the legal profession difficult and certainly not for everyone? The highly demanding multi-tasking. This takes a big hit on concentration and the ability to do deep work. Therefore, increased productivity lies in constructively eliminating distractions and facilitating special time during the week to focus on the most important tasks. We work closely to identify what is slowing down your productivity and efficiency. We then install systems that help you focus and bring more value to the firm.  



  • Improved efficiency in every process 
  • Better focus 
  • Increased profits 
  • More automation 
  • Decreased multi-tasking 

And much more 

Sharpening Law Practice Skills

This is facilitated in your personal practice and the firm’s overall performance. Imagine if everything was always on time, nothing slipped through the cracks and everything was done at the highest standard possible. This is accomplished through deconstructing case initiation, pre-litigation and litigation processes and creating systems that keep everything at your fingertips so that you can focus more on lawyering. This also includes, improved skills when it comes to complaints, discovery, depositions, negotiations and client relationships. 


  • Improved profits 
  • Increased efficiency 

And much more

Conscious Leadership

Are you getting the best from your paralegal or assistant? We cover how to improve communications and task transparency. How to ensure that your staff member expanding their own knowledge base that is then constructively working to accelerate your law firm? Leadership doesn’t come on its own, it is a skill that must be mastered. Poor leadership can result in poor work product which can cause serious financial losses.  


  • Increased profits
  • Enhanced conscious leadership abilities and performance.
  • Improved goal setting, planning, and motivating a group to execute perfectly 
  • Support lawyers to become effective mentors and delegators.
  • Growing within a firm faster 

And much more 

  • Want to leave the call feeling positive and motivated?
  • Want to increase clarity about your strategy and what steps to implement?
  • Tired of putting out fires? 
  • Want to make it rain?

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Dan Ginzburg

Theodore – 

“Huge thanks for helping me organize my office, my schedule and my overall workflow. Things are a lot easier now and less stressful.”

Yan – 

I’m an attorney and Dan helped so much with feeling relaxed and just more happy in my everyday life apart from work. However, I was surprised how much of a difference that made in my law practice.”

Sammy –

 I was unhappy, burned out and in massive debt. Mr. Ginzburg’s program not only allowed me to significantly increase my profits, I went from being a sole practitioner to a 5 people law firm. Can’t be more thankful!

How is your work-life balance? (1 Being not balanced and 10 being very balanced.)

What is your level of stress? (1 Being zen mode and 10 being super stressed.)

How much more productive could you be on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 Being “I’m at the peak of my productivity” and 10 being “I wish I could get a lot more done”)

How clear is your 5-year career plan? (1 Being “crystal clear” and 10 being “I have no idea what will happen tomorrow”)