Being Aware Of Yourself

Be aware. This means many things. The first and most important, is to be aware of yourself. This means being aware of your emotions, feelings, thoughts and actions . Many of us suppress our feelings because we are afraid to feel. Sometimes feeling brings us pain, but that is not the reason to disconnect from ourselves.

For many it takes time to understand their emotions and where they are coming from. Why are you afraid? Why are you jealous? Why do you like someone? Having the ability to express your emotions or the lack of, is a learnable skill and you can develop it.
Being able to express yourself is what helps you connect with others. Imagine if you feel some type of way about someone, but you cannot communicate your feelings to them because you do not understand them yourself. This creates an emotional disconnect not just from yourself but from the other person also. So building a relationship becomes very hard.

Increased Intuition

Another part of being aware of yourself is listening to your intuition. In the decision making process we often focus on numbers, facts, analysis and forget to pay attention to how we feel. Some things may make no sense, but they feel right and vice versa. At times there will be no information to tell us in which direction to go and at those time we have to listen to our intuition.

Living In The Present

Being aware also means being in the present moment. That is when you are fully awake to the life around you.  That means not thinking about the past or the future, but thinking about what you have the absolute most control over, which is right now. The past is gone and the future has not happened yet, this moment is all we got.

Life happens in the present. Stop living in the thoughts of the past, plans of the future  and take advantage of the opportunities life has to offer you today, right now.

We get stuck with sadness, depression, and regret because our mind replays memories that carry a strong emotion and we replay them over and over again -never letting go of the misery, but instead embracing it and re-living it. Heavy thoughts of the past weigh us down. They keep us away from seeing what’s in front of us. By focusing on any negativity of the past we are not allowing the improvements to happen in our present.

 > Solidify your understanding with this short video!


Being Aware Of What Is Around You

Second, is being aware of the people around you. Who are those people? Which ones can you trust? Which ones will help you improve yourself and which ones weight you down?

Third, being aware of what is happening around you. Many people disconnect themselves from the world around them by submerging themselves in their mobile devices and technology. Instead, try to notice things. When you walk on the street or walk into a bar or a new place, what do you see? What do you hear? Where is other people’s attention directed to?

Interact with your environment by being part of it instead of a just passively walking by it.

What Can You Do Today?

Pay attention to the people, sounds, nature, clouds, cars, stores, buildings, beauty, ugliness, flowers, trees and everything else around you. Be present. There is a world around you, feel it, be part of it.