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Achieving serenity

If we really assess that we want the most we will come to two conclusions. PEACE and HAPPINESS. Serenity is peace.  Imagine a constant state of being calm and untroubled. You can be there.

How can we achieve serenity?

Here is the list of things that in my opinion can at least help you achieve serenity. It is not organized in the order of importance.

  1. Spirituality

Spirituality allows us to connect with others because it allows us to connect with their energy. For that our own energy centers have to be balanced and we must feel a free flow of energy inside of us. This to-open-all-chakras/”>article contains everything you need to facilitate that.

     2.  Know what matters. 

It is your health and psychological/physical wellbeing that matters most. Everything else is secondary, so don’t waste your heath on those.

    3. Overcome Suffering. 

We cannot be at peace if we cannot deal with pain. We have to minimize the effect that the negative side of our human experience has on our spirituality. For that we have to learn to overcome suffering and in my Audiobook How To Bring MIRACLES Into Your Life and Unlock The Ultimate State of FLOW I talk in great detail about that.

    4. MEDITATE 

Mediation is centered around being mindful. We can always be mindful and that starts with being aware.

    5. Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything (Neil Pasricha)

This one works the best, but it takes time to realize. When you want things, you get upset about the hard process of obtaining it, not having it, or not getting it after all the effort put into attempting to acquire it. Accept what you have and do whatever you want.  We may not find out whether a certain outcome is good or bad for a long time, so accept and embrace any outcome my friend.