I feel the spiritual awakening coming. I believe it will happen in the next year because it is already being triggered. The COVID-19 pandemic was and continues to be a horrible misfortune. The number of cases cannot be ignored, and we can only imagine how many more were affected that never saw the light of publicity.

What did get plenty of coverage however was the stay home orders, mandatory protective gear, closed public entities and everything else that underlined the seriousness of the situation. Some people thought it was overexaggerated and unnecessary, others followed obediently and believed everything they were told.

This post is not about what’s true and what’s not, because frankly it doesn’t matter. And I think THAT is the realization that people will come to. They will stop searching for truth and start looking for it within themselves.

Where your attention goes your energy flows. People will realize that they are wasting their energy on all of the negativity that is around them. On the news, social media, or their environment.

I think people will stop receiving information about what is happening in in the world and WHY it is happening. They will draw their attention to themselves instead of spreading it thin on everything external.

Now, everything external is not just the news, but our human experience altogether. It consists out of everyday struggles, that cause us stress, anger, fear, anxiety, regret, doubt and other negative emotions.

We cannot get away from our life, our job, kids, traffic, paying bills and everything else that is part of living in our three-dimensional reality. However, the essence of spirituality my friends, is to reduce the negative impact that our human experience has on us.

Right now, many people live trying to seek a spiritual experience, as if it is something peripheral. Soon they will realize that they don’t need to do that anymore. They will understand that spirituality is the essence of their existence and they are rather having a human experience.

They are their soul, they are their energy, they are their consciousness, and everything else simply isn’t them. So people will begin giving more of their attention to their consciousness, their energy and their spirit and less to everything that takes away from it.

During the spiritual awakening people will take their attention off of matter, the environment, their body, the source of your problems, their stress and everything else happening around them.

This will make people tremendously happier, but not only. As we focus less on the human experience and have more energy flow to our spirit, we will then begin to develop spiritual magnetism and our vibrations will rise. This will make us more motivated, driven and excited about life. We will have more energy.

However, there is something else, much more magical that will begin happening as a result of putting more attention on our energy and spirit. When we reach the higher levels of consciousness, we will be able to tap into the unified field of energy that is all around us. It will be like entering a network.  And when others enter it, we will unify. We will connect with everyone energetically.

We will become ONE with it all.

An outline of steps to begin YOUR spiritual awakening:

  1. Become aware of where your attention is;
  2. Take your attention off of matter, the environment, your body, the source of your problems, your stress, media, news, etc. ;
  3. Give your attention to the energy inside of you;
  4. Cast all judgement because judgment leads to duality and duality is separation;
  5. Give your attention to the unified field of energy around you;
  6. Imagine rising into that energy;
  7. Unite with everyone’s energy around you;
  8. Give thanks to everyone around you for being here and allowing this experience to happen.